​​Discover how DISC can help secure your Organization!

We Audit More Than 15 Crucial Areas of Your Business

With cybercrime set to cost the world $10.5 Trillion every year by 2025, it has become more vital than ever for companies to ramp up their IT security efforts to ensure they don’t fall victim to a cyberattack that could cost huge amounts of time and money.

A DISC security audit is a great place to start and will highlight shocking vulnerabilities in your infrastructure that could leave you at risk of a dangerous cyber attack. The audit will identify risk areas that your departments are missing due to a lack of time or knowledge in cybersecurity. Can you prevent damage from the actions of a disgruntled employee? Can your company survive even a one-day hacker attack? How secure are your offices or place of business? If you're not thinking about these questions, you should be!

Our security audit examines your business against 965 elements present in the U.S. standard NIST 800-53. We compare these requirements with what is present in your organization, giving urgent recommendations to implement against the risks to your business.